CINS CATACLYSM: Guardsmen Claim All Resources

Wulffpost will soon cease transmission as local National Guard troops put out a demand for all energy resources.  The message was delivered by units on patrol and on the military auxiliary radio system utilizing amateur radio operators.

This reporter and others barricaded in the Wulffpost offices will be removed to a nearby “safe zone”, a superstore converted by troops into an encampment of survivors.  Guardsmen are holding as many uninfected as they can in defensible bases, rather than patrol those known to be faring for themselves.

Stories have been transmitted about these safe zones, that they are uncoordinated, basic and hazardous environments, with Guardsmen making uneven decisions due to the chaos raging outside.  However, there have been moving reports of people rising to their best in these overcrowded camps.

The last tweet from a survivor in southern Ohio was a video showing a wedding.  A couple refused to miss their scheduled wedding day and found a clergyman in the safe zone camp to unite them despite the possible lack of a future.  These young people, determined to hold on to each other if to nothing else, quietly spoke their vows, but added one: each swore to end the other’s life if they became infected.

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