CINS CATACLYSM: The Math of Survival

As CINS brings civilization to its knees, the news outlets still standing are distributing statistics on the possibility of survival.  It is unclear whether this information is meant to comfort or horrify, but it illustrates how quickly our world has forgotten about quality of life and accepted its essential binary nature.  It is either there or not, on or off, alive or infected.

We have clung to the precipice of extinction at least once in the distant past, when numbers dwindled to perhaps as few as 1,000 breeding pairs.  While we have no new numbers and may not have concrete global numbers again, extrapolated statistics indicate that we are on the road to extinction debt, a future extinction caused by mass casualties and the loss of livable habitats due to infestation by the infected.

One epidemiologist reminded, “It’s never good for pathogens to kill everyone.  A virus can only multiply in a cell, so it’s not in its interest to kill off all people.”  While it’s true a virus can wipe itself out by killing too well, what we need to know is how long the CINS-infected stay alive.  A month?  Six months?  A year?  Ever?

Until they wipe themselves out, humanity will be an endangered species.

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