CINS CATACLYSM: Wulffpost Continues

After closing the offices and preparing for transfer to a safe zone by Guardsmen this morning, staff was left waiting for five hours with no information.  Eventually, we returned to the barricaded inner suite, reconnecting power until we are alerted of a rescheduled transfer.

Signs are ominous, however.  In the last hour, staff manning a lookout on the office roof spied a column of smoke rising from the direction of the intended safe zone, indicating some sort of incident.

We remain, waiting, wondering if anyone will come and if they do, whether they will help us or take our supplies or even our building by force.  Uncertainties like these are all that are heard on amateur radio now.  People are in similar situations, hoping for a saving grace but scavenging meanwhile, wondering where to go and how to get there.  The tone on these transmissions has turned oblique as operators share knowledge, but withhold revealing information that could bring desperate visitors.

We will remain, until we are forced to leave.

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  1. January 22, 2015 @ 9:03 am Ranger Mark

    I’m hoping I can get some hot, skinny girls to hook up with.
    There’s nothing like apocalyptic sex!
    All I’ve gotta do is keep trying this walkie-talkie until some hot, skinny chick who lives alone answers.
    I’ve gotta lose my virginity before the world ends!


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