Citizens Fear Worst

Last night’s Presidential address, delivered from a stark and unrecognized location with merely a United States seal in the background, did little to calm a panicked nation as tanks and Humvees are visible on major streets in every state capitol and major city.  Governors across the country have mobilized National Guard troops and declared martial law amidst the greatest and most widespread collapse of civilian authority in the nation’s history.

The question remains however: is this radical step too late?  Commerce, transportation and public services have ceased.  Citizens remain locked in their homes or trapped in vehicles on major roadways in failed evacuations.  The entire country has come to a standstill and as one analyst put it bluntly after the President’s address, “If you cut off the entire food supply to a city, you have five days.  Five to seven days for gasoline.”

Then, there are the infected themselves – savage, mindless, roving carriers of a virus that, as the President acknowledged, “kills the human mind and conscience, but not the body’s capacity for horrors.”  Some call his words tacit permission to destroy the infected, but most have already accepted extreme self-defense as the only cure available.

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