As U.S. officials and health workers struggle to contain CINS outbreaks in all major metropolitan areas and many smaller cities around the country, the extent of CINS internationally has become difficult to ascertain.  Based on infection simulation models, the CDC formulates the death toll to be already well over one million, but as has been the case from the beginning with this novel virus, secondary deaths are keeping pace with and in some cases surpassing fatalities from CINS itself.

Reports of infected persons attacking, mutilating and killing those around them were initially dismissed as inflammatory social media rumors, but video and photos from multiple sources confirm that those infected pose a physical danger to themselves and others.

CINS has traveled to all continents and has decimated Southeast Asia, hopping west across port cities from India to Africa and throughout the Mediterranean region.  The United Kingdom and every state in Northern Europe have reported cases of CINS, but the cumulative number of deaths has been confused by disorganized reporting.

Measures taken by American officials abroad are suspected of being cloaked to avoid panic.  Many news outlets surmise that the recent convoy escape of U.S. staff and troops from civil war-torn Tripoli was an evacuation to escape CINS, as the virus has swept through the warring factions, leaving the Tripoli airport ablaze.

All international travel in and out of the United States is restricted as officials set up quarantine checkpoints.  South America, one of the earliest outbreak origins, is now in a full state of emergency and under watch by the US Navy in hopes of preventing further spread of the virus north through the Caribbean.

Governments and the World Health Organization (WHO) appear to have abandoned the planned prevention response to focus on quarantine and containment.  Military troop deployments are reported in Brazil, Saudi Arabia and China, even as officials there refuse to confirm martial law.  In less stabile regions, NATO satellites confirm visible troop deployments and even some suspected mass graves.


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