Fears of a CINS outbreak in the United States became a reality this week.  While the CDC and World Health Organization have resisted calls to identify the cause of 85 deaths in the last two days, reports are swirling that CINS has arrived in North America.

Emergency rooms around the nation have reported a sharp uptick in patients, but according to one Los Angeles County EMT who spoke off the record, “We’re getting called for victims of attacks, not for people suffering from CINS.  Bite wounds, lots of bite and scratch wounds, major contusions, broken bones.”

Some officials are calling the outbreak a form of social hysteria, pointing out there have been few confirmed cases in the U.S. since the CDC put out a travel advisory in the days after the World Cup, but first responders call the situation serious.  Firefighters report a record number of house fires, many of which they say were started under suspicious circumstances.

Most notable perhaps is the drastic rise in mental health distress calls.  Emergency dispatchers in all states are experiencing a spike in pleas for help with family members displaying sudden and unprecedented mental instability.

A temporary detention center in Minnesota is closed and quarantined after police brought in a husband and wife who then attacked a deputy.  The CDC tented and barricaded the center, but no reports have explained why this particular location received such a drastic response.

In Miami, a hunt continues for a man the CDC believes is infected with the CINS virus.  The man sought help at a local hospital, only to experience a seizure in the waiting room.  Close-circuit footage obtained shows the man spewing telltale black fluid from his mouth and nose as he attacked staff at an admitting station before escaping the hospital.

The CDC and WHO encourage anyone who believes they have symptoms of CINS or know someone displaying symptoms to call for emergency assistance and to isolate the infected person until help arrives.


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